Indian Multiplex Market: The Growth of Inox Leisure.

  • Mr. Monojit Dutta, Ms. Sayani Sen


Cinemas have always been an integral part of people’s life. As our society has progressed so has the cinema industry. Similarly, the medium of watching movies has also change with the introduction of new technologies. During the 70s and the 80s, there were mainly single screen movie theatres where people had to stand in long queue to buy tickets, whereas, now there are movie multiplexes, where it is no longer necessary to stand in queue to get a ticket, it can be done easily from the comforts of home through online tickets booking apps. In this paper, we have discussed about the different multiplexes in the Indian market, mainly emphasizing on the two main players of this industry i.e. PVR Ltd and INOX Leisure Limited. The paper mainly aims at showing how INOX inspite of not being in the market for as long as PVR is still giving PVR a tough competition on various aspects. It was rightly found that PVR Ltd holds the maximum share in the market but the growth of Inox Leisure Ltd is impeccable and in certain area; Inox outperforms PVR in terms of return on share, ticket prices and revenue.