Personal Growth Initiative And Student Engagement As A Predictor Of Academic Achievement Among Senior Secondary School Students

  • Dr. Nimisha Beri, Mandeep Sampla


Personal Growth Initiative (PGI) is a dynamic and purposeful commitment for self awareness and personal growth of an individual. Student engagement pertains to the degree to which learners engaged themselves in formal education process for learning and refers to commitment of time, energy, and efforts by students regarding their learning tasks which include activities related to learning There are three dimension of student engagement i.e. emotional engagement, behavioral engagement and cognitive engagement. The main motive of this study was to find out the predictive role of personal growth initiative and student engagement on academic achievement among senior secondary school students. The sample was taken from three districts of Punjab i.e. Amritsar, Ludhiana and Jalandhar corresponding to Majha, Malwa and Doaba regions of Punjab respectively. The sample size taken for this study was 449 senior secondary school students from meritorious, government and private schools from each district. The results revealed that there was a significant correlation between personal growth initiative and student engagement. Emotional engagement and cognitive engagement were moderately correlated with PGI, whereas Behavioral engagement was weakly correlated with PGI. Moreover, academic achievement is significantly correlated with PGI and student engagement. There was strong correlation between cognitive engagement and academic achievement. PGI and emotional engagement were moderately correlated with academic achievement. Furthermore, there was significant positive predictive role of student engagement and personal growth initiative on academic achievement of students