A Survey On Adaptive Data Privacy Preservation Comptation Strategy Using Fog Layer

  • Abhishek M. Dhore, Dr. Nandita Tiwari


Over last few decades cloud computing is leading and widespread technology which had witnessed lot of development not only in IT Sector but also with other sector including automobile, manufacturing, military operations, institutions etc. Cloud computing infrastructure is receiving more exposure and improved production with the ever-increasing exponential growth of complex data. Hence now a days if we observer, most of the data is hosted on cloud servers. But then hosting the data on cloud server leads to the user losing their rights of control on data and face privacy leakage risk. Standard privacy security systems are typically based on cryptography techniques but these approaches cannot effectively prevent attack from within the cloud storage service. We suggest three-layer storage architecture based on fog computing to solve the problem. The suggested architecture would leverage cloud storage to the maximum and preserve data privacy. In comparison, the Hash-Solomon code algorithm is programmed to break the data into different sections. We should then bring a small portion of the data into the local computer and fog database to protect the safety.