Optimized Iot Optimization of Iot Devices Towards Energy Saving

  • Dr. Rajesh Nigam, Mohammad Waseem Akram


 Now a day’s Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging concept, which is going to connect billions of devices with each other. The IoT devices sense, collect, and transmit important information from their surroundings. To exchange such a huge amount of information among billions of devices it creates a massive energy need. Optimized IoT device algorithms envisions the concept of reducing the energy consumption of IoT devices through reducing their energy requirements by optimizing algorithms used to sense, collect and transmit data. Inspired by achieving a sustainable environment for IoT. We first give the overview of IoT and the challenges that are faced due to excessive usage of energy hungry IoT devices. We then discuss and evaluate the strategies used to minimize the energy consumption in IoT, such as designing energy efficient datacenters, energy efficient transmission of data from sensors, and design of energy efficient policies. Moreover, finally we critically analyze the IoT algorithms and strategies and propose optimization principles that can be adopted to achieve optimized IoT devices.