Emerging Technologies for Teaching And Learning

  • Meghali Joharapurkar


Education is a powerful instrument that unlocks the doors to prosperity of a Nation. Since education is regarded as the bedrock of the Nation building, quality maintenance in education is utmost paramount. Our Constitution makers envisaged the idea of ‘Education for all’ and incorporated it into our Constitution.  India over the years has done phenomenally well in terms of imparting education to its mammoth population. Information communication technologies(ICT) in recent times has emerged as a potential medium of expanding the reach of learning and education to the masses all over the world. Emerging Technologies (ETs) through ICT are transforming all facets of educational process ranging from the nature of classrooms, quality of content, methodologies, mode of students' engagement, and evaluation. The advents of online digital learning platforms and services have come up with affordable learning solutions helpful in incorporating it into our existing education framework. To achieve the Sustainable developmental goal-4 as envisioned by the United Nations these emerging technologies could play a pivotal role and could possibly shape the future of our education system. This paper is an attempt to highlight the emerging technological advancement and how this could bring significant change in existing education edifice of our country.