Sensitive Data Security Over Network Through A Combination Of Visual Cryptography And Data Hiding Mechanism*

  • Saurabh Sable,Prashant Adakaneb


Information is the primary source of any industry including it and the non-IT sector. Every industry spends most of its expenditure on the security of data either stored on a local server or on the cloud. Lots of existing techniques are available to protect data from unauthorized access. Existing techniques like cryptography, steganography and watermarking are used to protect data with some limitations. Proposed system focus on data security by hiding it behind the video as a carrier and then transmitting it over unsecured wireless media. It is expected to have a better outcome than any other existing technique with the primary Moto of hiding data at any e bit position of carrier object.

Keywords: Compress/uncompressed video, data Hiding capacity, payload, quantization error, peak signal to noise ratio, mean square error etc