Microcontroller Based Thermoelectric Cooling for Electric Vehicle Battery Charging Application

  • MayankDoshi, SuyashUdawant, DattaDevkule, Prof. Santosh Gadekar


Microcontroller based thermoelectric cooling is presented in this paper. The developed prototype uses thermoelectric cooling and forced air cooling for battery thermal management system. The liquid coolant methods have some adverse effect on battery life and electric functionality of overall charging system. There may be possibility of liquid coolant getting in contact with the battery during the heat extraction operation. Heat is removed the condenser side of the thermoelectric liquid casing using motor operated fan.The entire cooling operation is automatic as it involves arduino microcontroller for switching of thermoelectric cell. LCD display enables the data acquisition for future developments. The fast and accurate switching is possible using arduino microcontroller. The testresult presents that a cooling is taken place with a reasonable amount heat extraction from the container.