Robotic Devices with Artificial Intelligence

  • Prof. Ms. Ekeshwari A. Rangari, Prof. Mrs. Smita A. Badarkhe, Prof. Ms. Snehal J. Banarase


Today, robotics covered a broad sector of economic activities from automotive and electronics industries. Up to now however, robot automation technologies have mainly been deployed in large-volume manufacturing, which results in costly and complex robot systems, which often cannot be used in small and medium sized manufacturing. New branches of robot automation that emerge nowadays such as food, logistics, recycling etc. which requires new designs of robot systems.

This Paper gives a short introduction to the basics of robotics in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It also gives an overview on robotic history, some basic problems encountered in modern robotics and possible solutions to those problems. The problems introduced are perception, basic pose description, transition and sensor models, localization as a special case of perception (Monte Carlo Localization), representation of environment (workspace and configuration space), path planning (cell decomposition, skeletonization, Voronoi diagrams), movement of robots, and some real-life examples.