ICT Tools: An Effective Way of Teaching

  • D.B.Pohare, Dr. M.B.Wasu, N.K.Chaukade


The paper includes main focus on the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching-learning, its influence and its role in making teaching-learning more interesting. This paper is an attempt to highlight the role of ICT in education for the effective teaching-learning. Education plays a vital role in building the prosperous and healthy society. Education empowers the nation in all respects. Specially considering the science field, it helps students to understand the concepts. Teachers are providing education through their profession of teaching. Teaching is one of the most challenging professions as knowledge is changing and expanding rapidly and latest technologies demand every teacher to learn the usage so that teaching can be better by using these technologies. There is no guarantee that, what is new today may remain new tomorrow. It may become outdated very soon. ICT can help teachers to face this problem. ICT makes it simpler and easier as the world of knowledge is just a click away. ICT can help them in the forms such as power-point presentations, smart classrooms, interactive white-boards, guided web tours, virtual labs, digital libraries, educational interactive audio-video chats etc. which are essential tools for teaching-learning. Integration of ICT in teaching makes it effective and pre-decided goals for learning are easily  achieved. It can influence the way learners are taught and how they learn thereby making the teaching-learning process effective. It provides the congenial environment and motivation which have a profound and long-lasting impact on the process of learning thus, offering new possibilities for learners as well as to the teachers. Present work include the survey among the school teachers to know their views about the use of ICT tools for effective teaching.