Physico – Chemical Analysis Of Different Types Of Soil Available In Environment

  • P. P. Chahande, A. S. Mahakalkar


Soil is a complex natural material that has a diverse organic and mechanical composition, and has within itself several layers of such varying and differing composition. Soil is essential in supporting the plant growth on earth by acting as a support to the plants and also by acting as a medium from which plants can absorb the necessary nutrients that they require for their growth. Soilis formed as a result of various varying tearing and destructive breakdown of plant and animal material, mineral, rocks ,ash ,etc. The characteristic properties of the soil depend upon various factors such as the parent source of its origin, the surrounding climate, the microbial content in it. The study is performed to analyze the soil collected from various regions of Nagpur city and find out its physico chemical parameters such as, pH, electrical conductivity, total organic carbon and percentage of calcium carbonate.