Industrial Automation Of Cotton Industry By Using Raspberry Pi

  • Prof. Ankit Zade, Shubhada Barase, Nayana Ghode, Ankesh Deshmukh, Tejas Madeshwar


In the world of Internet of Things (IOT) to revolutionize our life, it’s a great idea to develop a system which can be controlled and monitored from anywhere with the modern technology. In this paper the industry automation using raspberry pi project is reasonably priced and offer a low cost solution for smart control of industrial machines. The Raspberry Pi platform is increasingly being promoted for direct industrial used.[1] The main aim is to develop a system which will automatically monitor the industrial applications and generate alerts / alarms or take by the intelligent decision raspberry pi micro-controller model 3 B+.[2] It has evolved since and will continue to do so since it is a user dependent device each devices performance and functional abilities are mostly dependent upon the user abilities and the application environment. Industry automation system is bringing comfort and safety into the life of a modern human. They are becoming more popular each day of most of the well-known software companies are fighting to offer their newest solution in this area. The developed application is executed in real time on the Raspberry Pi platform. It supports a graphical user interface and its purpose is maintaining constant illumination of industry regarding day light. Here an industrial automation has becomes very much popular now a days. We tend to measure the basic controlling parameter like length, quality, temperature, pressure, voltage, current, vibration, rotation, etc.