Effect of three different storage containers on the Moisture Content in four different varieties of Soybean seeds under tropical storage conditions

  • RajeshGadewar, KirtiDambhare, AshishMahajan


The soybean seed germination and vigour is found to be high at physiological maturity. High seed moisture level increases seed mycoflora, which play an important role in deterioration of soybean seed quality and viability during storage.The effect of storage containers on the seed quality of soybean seeds is always an important research aspect to study for the researcher. In the present study three different bags Polythene bag (C1), Cloth bag (C2) and Jute bag (C3) of dimensions 20 cm x 30 cm were used for the storage of soybean seed of four different varieties JS-335 (V1), AMS-99-33 (V2), TAMS-38 (V3) and TAMS-98-21under ambient temperature and relative humidity for a period of 18 months. The observations of moisture content of seeds from each container were recorded after 3 months (90 days).The least amount of moisture increase (9.1 %) was found in seeds stored in Polyethylene bag as compared to Cloth bag and Jute bag at the end of 540 days of storage. The corresponding moisture content values of soybean varieties JS-335, AMS-99-33, TAMS-38 and TAMS-98-21 when stored in Polyethylene, Cloth and Jute bags were different. Variety JS-335 seeds recorded lower moisture content (9.1 %) as compared to AMS-99-33, TAMS-38 and TAMS-98-21.