“A Study Of Gender Based Relationship Between Perceived Self -Concept And Clothing Behaviour.”

  • Dr. Mrs. Neeta A. Tiwade


Clothing plays a significant role as an expression of peoples' cultures, identities and value orientations. Clothes are a way for young people to state their identity and create their “self”. Every day we spend some amount of time to decide about clothes we wear and a lot of time goes in  decision-making while selecting and purchasing  clothes.  The present study is design to know the differentiate personality characteristics of boys and girls college students. This  study was  design  to know the gender based relation between self-concept and clothing behavior from 300 boys and  300  girl’s students each  selected in Nagpur city, based on the courses offered by the colleges through  using well-structured questionnaire.  It may be concluded on the basis of the results that in general there is no significant relationship between Perceived self-concept of college going  students (boys and girls) and their clothing behaviour.