DCF for Information Retrieval In Data Mining

  • Dr. Jaideep Gera, Mr.Subhani Shaik, Kalluri Venkataratnam


For every application and for every product the goal is to satisfy the customer means people are the final target .The main intention of this clustering technique is to concentrate on efficient and descriptive cluster labels and also effective traditional quality  to read and understand by a human. At the time of large set of document browsing the main need of text cluster is to serve in describing and summarizing the particular document job is not having more importance.  The main issue in descriptive clustering in finding different group of similarly related documents which is having meaning and understanding text labels. In this proposed paper we are implementing a new way of clustering method to retrieve the information according to our need and also it concentrates on revealing the structure of the document and also giving a brief explanation on the content and presenting it to human in very interesting and closed way. In this paper DCF means Description Comes First approach is used in two clustering algorithms, first algorithm is to search results and second one is to collect the result of several small and medium size documents. This experiment shows that the performance and quality are more high that the existing methods.