Need of Digital Learning in COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Ayushi Patankar, Dr.Sarita Nimgare


Human life has never been more threatened glob- ally after the second war  as  is  done  today  and  it  is  due  to  the outbreak of COVID-19. Under such critical situation, it is very difficult for academicians to contact with students and students will also feel difficulties in  learning  process  without the help of teachers.So in such situations there is need of e-learning or digital learning mechanisms  which  can  engage  the students in their home without  feeling  lonely  and  work  free. Also, they will get knowledge about their syllabus without going outside. Different ICT based platforms can be used for  these purposes like Scratch, Digital classroom, Adobe Spark Video, See Saw, Quizlets, Padlets,etc. Digital learning makes the student smart and sharpens the critical  thinking  skills  which are basis for development of analytic reasoning.