Time Series Weather Forecasting Using Arima (Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average) Model

  • Parineeta Jha


This study is aimed to create a system which is an embedded system using Raspberry Pi to observe the changes of weather. Our aim is to research the parameter and do the evaluation of some techniques in predicting these temperatures and weather. In this study, we discuss a monitoring system which gives us environmental information by which we know about whether more information about the local area. This system could monitor surrounding weather and bring out the weather conditions like humidity, temperature, pressure, light intensity, moisture, and rainfall. This system is developed by raspberry  pi3 which is open source hardware. We use some sensors which collect various environmental data. Raspberry pi transmits data through WI-FI and the data will be displayed on the laptop and the display of the system. Here we generally tend to investigate the records of given parameters and to observe their predictions for a particular length by the usage of the approach of autoregressive incorporated transferring average (ARIMA). The statistics from meteorological centers have been taken for the contrast of techniques using applications along with forecast, time date in automated prediction strategies which can be available within the bundle implemented for modeling with ARIMA strategies.