Students Attitude Toward E-Learning In Higher Education: A Study At R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur, Affiliated College Of The East Nagpur

  • Dr.Shashikant G Rokade


The present study there will be used to measure students’ attitude towards e-learning and to discover the influencing factors so as to have a relevant results for the future initiatives of educational institutions that plan to adopt an e-learning systems. As the e-learning technology is changing day-to-day and growing at a tremendous speed. The knowledge society is becoming more complex, competitive and dependent on technological changes and information explosion. The need of the e-learning study of the students are also growing and becoming very essential. The impact of web based e-learning and teaching facility has influenced every aspect in Higher Education and providing new opportunities and challenges to the students for involvement in the knowledge based society including electronic and multimedia publishing, internet based information services, global networking web based digital resources etc. The future vision need for changes in higher education, trend and challenges before the students in the e-learning environment as well as various changing technological aspects and there uses also have been discussed in this study.