A Structured Validation Methodology on E-Health Case Study using Blockchain

  • Swati Laxmeshwa, Deepak N. R


This paper presents our current electronic health record ( EHR) systems with a blockchain based architecture.Designed on top of established databases held by health care organizations, the framework incorporates a blockchain approach to ensure data record accuracy and enhance network interoperability by monitoring all incidents that occurt on top of existing health service provider-maintained databases, the architecture implements a blockchain solution to ensure data record integrity and improve system interoperability by tracking all events that occur in database data. We 're also implementing a new reward system in this revised design to build new blocks on the blockchain. The design is autonomous of any particular blockchain network and accessible to more extensions; it may also be combined with other electronic storage structures needing security. It will then theoretically tie in with other electronic storage schemes needing protection from data misuse.