Edge Detection Based 3D Biometric System for Security of Web-Based Payment and Task Management Application

  • Ankur Gupta, Puneet Garg, Sonal, Yashpal Singh


In this paper, an edge detection based 3D biometric system is proposed to secure the services of cloud computing. Several Biometric systems have been developed to secure the cloud services but these systems have their limitation. Therefore edge detection 3D biometric system is proposed to resolve the security related to cloud-based services. In this proposed edge-based model, the only edge of a picture sample is taken instead of taking the complete picture as a sample. So this proposed system is fast, secure, less space-consuming, and less time-consuming. The issues of space consumption, delay in comparison, error, etc. are resolved using edge detection. This proposed system would be used as a secure biometric system as compared to traditional 2D Biometric Systems. This 3D biometric model would provide for the security of mobile, laptops, tablets, and personal computers integrated into cloud servers. This security system is providing security to the web-enabled application that has been used in an IT organization for the management of projects, parties, trainees, and payments.