Design and Parametric Study of Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Communications

  • Padmavathy T V, Goutham S , Jayanth C S, Karthikayan M , Sadagopal V


Microstrip Patch Antenna (MSPA) plays vital role in wireless communications particularly during the last two decades. The main objective of this paper to design an antenna an miniature antenna which is suitable for portable upcoming communication devices will provide communication in terms of video audio and text information from one point to other points. Based on the requirement we have to design an antenna to meet the requirements. The main requirement of this paper is to design a probe based 3.4 GHz rectangular MSPA. Since the antenna is  integral part of wireless communication, it should be low weight, compact, low profile and suitable for multiband or broadband applications. So far most of the researchers designed an extraordinary range of antenna with different shape and size which is suitable for different applications. In this paper we propose 3.4 GHz Rectangular MSPA which is suitable for wireless Communication. The parametric study of designed rectangular MSPA will be evaluated by analyzing various parameters such as radiation pattern, return loss, efficiency, gain and power radiated from an antenna.