Effects Of Rotation On Mhd Convective Flow In Vertical Parallel Plates Partially Filled By Porous Medium With Inclined Magnetic Field

  • M.Shanthi, Dr.P.T.Hemamalini


The current work investigates on the fully developed convective flow of viscous, electrically conducting fluid in a rotating system with inclined magnetic field bounded by vertical channel which is sectioned by clear and porous region has been presented. One of the vertical plates of the channel is subjected to move in upward direction and the other plate moves in downward direction. The plates are maintained at different temperatures and the system entirely rotates about the axis, normal to the planes of the channel. The analytic solution for both velocity and temperature equations are obtained by employing perturbation scheme. The main notable parameters of the proposed equation of the flow have been studied with well built evidence and the results are established graphically.