Generation Of Curve Based Captcha For Enhancing Security In On Line Applications

  • S. PradeepKumar,R.Gnanavel, L.Maria Michael Visuwasam


Internet provide many services includes message response, search engine, commercial and social networking at a free of cost. To utilize these benefits, users have to register in their corresponding websites. In such a case some hackers write malicious program and entire in to the websites by creating an automatic false enrollment is called bots. Thus social bots are found a guilty of distribution in fake news and hate speech in commonly used websites. CAPTCHA is a program used to differentiate a human user and a cruel computer program. Thus every websites have their own approach for designing a CAPTCHA and provide a strong security to prevent their resources. In this proposed methodology a curve based CAPTCHA has designed and embedded in the online application along with one time password. All the usage characters are to be in different colors. In addition to that, some graphical operations and cracks are added in the CAPTCHA set. This proposed system is helpful to apply in the online services such as transaction, purchasing an item and bill payment.