Interface Between Employee and Employer based on Android App Development

  • Karthika S, Vanitha U, Vigneshwara R, Surya M, Yogeshraj N


The application E2I is a proposed solution for the improvement of the livelihood of people residing in rural and semi-urban areas through a simple mobile application which would help them to work very low skilled jobs when they are unemployed as most of them are considered to be seasonal workers such as laborers in agricultural farms, etc. With the increasing job search portal, segmenting the online labor market into “information islands”, make it difficult for job seekers to get an overview of all relevant positions. The application mainly focuses on the small-scale manufacturing units and for the people who are dependent on seasonal jobs for income. It provides a rotation of jobs for multi-skilled laborers saving them time and providing extra wages. This application provides a simple user interface for people with low knowledge of software and other applications .This application provides support to users who haven’t got even the basic exposure of technologies such as smart phones through agencies which sign-up with the application and can co-ordinate the users (employees) to their required destination and work details along with which the agencies will receive a part of the wage as a commission for their support. Therefore, we are not getting the job vacancies and also about the nature and status of the employer. Also it is difficult to know the salary of existing employee salary information and also rating of the company by the existing or past employee in terms of salary and so. In case there is a requirement for either of the main users (employees or the employers) for the materials required for the work, it can be obtained from the vendors who are also signed up with the application who provide the required materials on a rental basis and the wages are fixed by the vendors themselves and are non-negotiable .It provides transparent details about the details such as location, time and wages w.r.t both users i.e employers and employees. This system is a qualification independent and employment will be based on skills and previous experiences of the employee and according to the algorithm without any bias.