Trusted Cloud Framework to Access Public Cloud Services

  • Shakkeera L, Kowshal A, Sharmasth Vali Y


Cloud computing security is the arrangement of control-based approaches intended to stick on to the administrative principles and ensure data, information, application and framework. The current cloud-based scenario lacks in providing trustable services in both storage as well as computation services which fail to achieve users trust on their services. The objective of this work is to develop a secure cloud framework which helps in achieving trust in both storage and computation services in terms of providing protection to the data. The proposed framework helps to revocate the malicious users from the system. The data is securely encrypted by using Split Hash-MD5 algorithm with RSA tokenizer key generation process. The keys are randomly generated for encryption and decryption processes in data protection. In proposed framework, the computational trust gets achieved by considering the QoS parameters like cost, response time, availability and constraint relaxation using analytical algorithm. The proposed work is compared with the existing algorithms namely Genetic and Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithms. Through the performance analysis, the proposed framework helps to achieve data integrity, data confidentiality and avoids man-in-the-middle attack and collusion attack in the storage services and even helps in identifying the trustable services in the form Virtual Machine (VM) resources efficiently in public cloud infrastructure.