Iot Based Speed Control Of BLDC Motor With Harris Hawks Optimization Controller

  • G.Saravanan, A.Mohamed Ibrahim, D.Sathish Kumar, U.Vanitha, V.S.Chandrika


The electrical vehicle is the upcoming technology in automobile industry due to pollution free and free cost of availability via renewable energy sources utilization.  The electric motor is employed in vehicle especially BLDC motor with electronic control. The control part is the foremost participation and the internet technology is hired to perceive and control the vehicle. The motor speed control and softness are the primary factor during the load fluctuations. Many controllers were developed in past eras since Proportional Integral Control (PI). At present, the researcher are interested to apply nature based like Genetic Algorithm(GA), swarm intelligent and many more, controller design rather than traditional controller which provide a good predicted outcome. This work promises the PI controller design in traditional way and also debated with Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm (GOA), Harris Hawks Optimization Algorithm (HHO). The motor parameters are monitored and controlled in the globe with the establishment of Internet of Things (IoT). The controller parameter of PI is Proportional gain (kp), integral gain (kI) which was found from PI tuning, GOA, HHO. The HHO offers minimum jerk at initial condition and smoothness in steady state operations. This model is simulated in MATLAB and validated in hardware configuration.