Design of Intelligent traffic signal in Intelligent Transport System using Machine Learning

  • S K Shankar, Balasubramani S, Vineeth Solomon Jabez, Kirthika V



Every day the number of vehicles waiting in a signal increase rapidly. Congestion has become a major problem in almost all the countries over the globe in which metropolitan cities are the worst affected areas. Every new measure taken until now has not been efficient to manage the exponentially growing traffic. Each day people in the cities spend maximum of half an hour in traffic signals, even when there is lighter traffic in the other lanes.

This Intelligent Traffic Signal aims to manage waiting time efficiently by using machine learning techniques. This technique measures the number of vehicles present in the lane, with this count the signal timing is calculated and further aims to fully automate the traffic signals without the human interventions. This in turn provides the fastest and safest commute and eliminates the unwanted waiting time in traffic signals. Intelligent traffic signal works better in all the areas and not only in the busy junctions