A Pioneer Approach Data Deduplication to Eliminate Duplicate Data in Cloud Storage

  • A.Vijayakumar, Dr.A.Nisha Jebaseeli,


 In the recent IT World, Cloud is the most important technology to provide ample virtual storage and can store and maintain real-time data. Storage is the most prominent service from the cloud; all levels of users use it. A challenge to cloud storage providers is to avoid storing unwanted and duplicated data from different users. Eliminating data duplication from storage is a critical task. Duplicate cloud data makes incompatibility in managing cloud storage. This paper proposes an approach to eradicate redundant data in cloud storage. The proposed approach uses file-level and block-level data deduplication. The uploaded data are verified for deduplication at the file-level. If the data file is not deduplicated, then it is spliced into the blocks, and the blocks are verified for deduplication. Deduplication uses convergent encryption with the key for maintaining secure deduplication. To ensure deduplication, the same data file should be encrypted by the same key by the different users using convergent encryption. Sharing the convergent key is more vulnerable to attacks. Securely maintain the convergent key and other confidential data, the paper introduces a cloud service for generating and managing keys for convergent encryption and token (KGTMaaS) for eliminating duplicate data. The proposed approach efficiently eliminates the duplicate data in the cloud storage and save unwanted storage allocation, network bandwidth, and enables proper management of cloud storage.