Augmented Reality-based Virtual Integrated 3D Navigation System

  • Dr.P. Raja, B. Aristotle, D. Niranjan, R.S. Aakhash, G. Balaji


A device consisting of a set of Headwear and Glove Unit for 3D navigation purposes to establish a Mixed Reality Platform. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can easily accomplish the device resulting in gaining new insights, ideas, and forming a next generation of computers making Visualization. The aim is therefore to create an Augmented Reality-based Virtual Integrated Framework to control and place virtual objects within the physical world of the user and to simplify MR services for the understanding and use of Laymen. With the help of this system, a solution can be provided to the society in bringing about an extended reality-based device which maintaining good calibration and works under low lightening conditions.