Log Based Access Control with Multiple Attributes for Public Cloud Storage

  • Mr. Sanket G. Maraskolhe, Prof. M S. Nimbarte


This paper methodology helps solves the security issues in cloud IaaS (i.e. Infrastructure as a Service) which mainly includes use of cloud request processors and database servers. In this paper, we propose a novel heterogeneous framework to remove the problem of single-point performance bottleneck and provide a more efficient access control scheme with an auditing mechanism. Our framework employs multiple attribute authorities to share the load of user legitimacy verification. Meanwhile, in our scheme, a CA (Central Authority) is introduced to generate secret keys for legitimacy verified users. Unlike other multiauthority access control schemes, each of the authorities in our scheme manages the whole attribute set individually. To enhance security, we also propose an auditing mechanism to detect which AA (Attribute Authority) has incorrectly or maliciously performed the legitimacy verification procedure.