Optimal Placement of Mini Hydro and Capacitors using Modified Direct Search Algorithm in Distribution System

  • Ajay Babu. B, K. V. S. Ramachandra Murthy, M. Ramalinga Raju


Reactive power compensation is provided by capacitor banks and active power compensation is provided by Distributed Generators (DGs) like, Solar, Wind and Mini-hydro power plants.  For obtaining optimal placement of Mini Hydro Power Plants and capacitor banks Modified Direct Search Algorithm (MDSA) is intended. The optimal sizes of Capacitors and DGs chosen are of discrete sizes.  A 33-Bus radial distribution system to chosen for testing this algorithm to identify potential locations and sizes of Mini hydro and capacitors.  It is found that with the proposed MDSA, maximum loss reduction of 84 % is obtained. Cost analysis is also presented with three different load levels along with above DGs and Capacitors.  In addition to cost analysis, for the benefit of environment carbon emissions are also calculated and found that there is a reduction of 4,751.57 tons of CO2 emission per year on 33 bus system. It is proved that MDSA offers highest loss reduction with minimum sizes of DGs and capacitors compared to any other algorithm available in the literature.  The MDSA is easy to implement and the search process is sequential and methodic.