Deployment Of Private Cloud For Cfrd (Center For Research And Developement)

  • Vidhya Kandasamy, Nandha Gopal M, Nawash Basha A, Viknesh B S, Vishnu Kumar M


Files are usually shared through Gmail, google drive over the internet. While doing so the files can
be accessed by the intruders and leads to security issue. The files that we share over mail or drive is stored
in third party server and there is no surety that the file not changed. This fits for organization using intranet.
So we provide a private cloud and User Interface (UI) for sharing the Center for Research and Development
(CFRD) files. Our Private Cloud provides Storage as a service in which storing and accessing of files over
intranet (institution’s network) rather than local hard drive. We maintain our own servers and use
OpenStack cloud, where object storage service is running in the servers. The files can be uploaded and
downloaded by user who have access to it. A user can be able to access the file uploaded by another user
only if both of them are in same project. For ensuring security, every user has to login with their own
credentials. This service is 24/7 to access the Center for Research and Development (CFRD) files. The
users can share and access any kind of file over the intranet with high security and reliability