Sybil Attack Detection And Shielding In Manet Using Received Signal Strength Indicator

  • Dr. V. Bharathi, Dr. P, Raja


In Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs), node mobility presents a security service issue. The ad-hoc
network uses wireless communication links between the mobile nodes, rendering it susceptible to
attacks. As a result, mobile ad-hoc network security is one of the major issues. In mobile ad-hoc
networks, there are several routing attacks.Because MANETs need a special, distinct and persistent
identity per node to be feasible for their security protocols, Sybil attack (lightweight attack) is an
unremitting challenge to these networks. Efficient techniques in Mobile Ad-hoc Network ( MANET)
to track and avoid lightweight attacks by protecting the AODV protocol.Where malicious nodes
illegitimately establish several fake identities in this attack is (also called a sybil node) to replicate as
usual nodes. RSSI detects the sybil attack without the use of centralized trusted third party, and the
packet reaches the destination by the neighboring node by the shortest path determination.In which
packet delivery ratio and throughput performance increases. With the help of extensive simulations
and real-world testbed experiments, we are able to show that our proposed scheme also in the
presence of mobility detects Sybil identities with greater accuracy