Study Of Two Synthetic Models Of Aquatic Meadow Vegetation To Analyse Wave Dissipation From A Laboratory Flume

  • S. Hemavathi , R. Manjula


Interactions between vegetation and waves are important in assessing the ability of coastal
seagrasses to reduce wave energy (wave attenuation), promote sedimentation and protect shoreline
from erosion. In this study, two level four factors full factorial experimental design using synthetic
vegetation was performed to evaluate the effect of wave and plant characteristics on wave attenuation
(E%). A linear factorial model was developed from the collected experimental data and the model was
tested for statistical significance using ANOVA technique.For the two-way interaction effects on wave
attenuation, all individual wave-vegetation parameters considered for the study were analyzed, and the
obtained results were compared and validated with a new set of independently established experimental
data. Results showed that several two-way interaction effects are statistically significant among the
four input variables, mainly between water depth and the rest of all other parameters.