Simple User Interface Linking Passenger And Conduit

  • P Baby Shamini, Ranjith V, kumaran S, Kummaragunta vamsi


Generally, MTC buses are very crowded, so people are facing issues while taking tickets and
providing proper money chest and to get a bus pass, people have to wait in a long progression. To
overcome these problems, a software is developed which makes the payment digital and an android
based POS (point of sale) machine is created to generate ticket and accepts payment through
digital money or cash, i.e the regular process of getting a ticket in a bus. Every card holder will be
provided a contact free card through which payment is done. This payment detail is updated to the
administrator immediately. If there is an issue in network, offline payment lets you take card
payment even if there is no internet connectivity. You can have secure, offline transactions that are
automatically processed when you have connectivity again. Another feature of the software is the
process of acquiring a bus pass online, through which a QR code is generated and the conduit has
to just scan the code through his module to verify the validity for the respective period of checking.
Employing digital payment has no direct bank transaction, only digital wallet is used for payment,
to recharge the wallet all types of bank transactions are available.