Design And Performance Of Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Fed Bldc Motor Drive

  • Ch.N.Narasimha Rao, K.Balakrishna, N.Bharat kumar, K.Rachanajali


 For medium voltage and high power industrial applications the multilevel inverter technology plays a vital role in the control. Generally, these multilevel converters are of different topologies. The CHB inverter is very popular among the plethora of topologies which having the ability of using several dc voltages on each H-bridge unit. This results in distributing the conversion of power among the inverters. As by adding the number of SCRs, then the available number of levels is high by considering the CHB as one unit. With this CHB arrangement, the various voltage levels are taken and the simulation results with THD presented. Based on switching and the no. of levels, the observed output for highest order harmonic is obtained and applied to BLDC drive.