Current Trends In The Development Of Music Education In The Global Innovation Context

  • Artemova E. G., et. al.


 The content of the article is dictated by the need to comprehend innovative processes in the field of music education. The purpose of the article is an analysis of modern trends in the music education development in the context of world educational innovations and practical testing of methods of interactive design and music therapy at a university. The study of domestic and world experience in the innovation’s application in musical pedagogy at the levels of school and university education is performed. The musical education experience in Japan, Scandinavia, the use of advanced computer technology in the musical pedagogy of the USA, Russia and Ukraine, the use of music therapy methods in Russia are considered.

The results of a practical study performed using the methods of interrogation, design, testing, testify to the effectiveness of the synergistic implementation of these methods in practice, which contributed to the formation of a student-oriented attitude to music. The authors believe that, based on the study, there are objective prerequisites for further successful borrowing of the most effective experience of world schools in the field of musical education and training, the introduction of digital and art technologies in the musical pedagogy system.