Digitally Powered ELT in Isolation: A Judicious App

  • Nitin Bhatnagar


This is an era when the globe has shrunk and the people are trying to shrink it further. Web
Communication Technology has a unique role to play to this effect and this is equally visible in
education as well. Technology Enhanced Education is thriving in the market with surprisingly new
endeavors. Unfortunately, it is more focused on the areas of science and engineering rather than on
Arts and Humanities. Its approachability to the teaching of English Language, the lingua franca for
global interaction and research, is still limited. From the Indian point of view, the required technical
tools are not available to a large chunk of populace, and some are not even aware of its existence.
However, the current scenario of the COVID 19 lockdown has opened up unlimited possibilities of
technology in front of teachers and students of English Language and it has prompted many to think
of this revolutionary use in isolation. In the wake of the recent lockdown and the resulting voluminous
use of web teaching of English Language, the objective of the present paper is to explore the
revolutionary openings of digitalized ELT, how it can be brought to its optimal use, and what its
limitations are. The focus is also on the question: will it be right to have a complete switch to