A Hybrid Predictive Reconfigurable Multi-Path Routing Algorithm to Enhance the Network Robustness and Lifetime Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks.

  • Umashankar M.L, Anitha T.N, Mallikarjunaswamy S , Ramakrishna M V


In this era, the wireless sensor networks very often use the multi-path routing strategy between the base station and nodes. In this, the multi-path presents the extra strong path against the failure of links, but it is desired to choose the paths in case of battery powered nets which increase the whole network life. To bring the best trade-off between strong path and lifetime, we introduce a hybrid predictive reconfigurable multi-path algorithm. It also measures the network strength and delicacy. In this algorithm, we also show the traffic distribution between the paths in the scheme of multi-path which gives best lifetime by solving the proper linear program. This proposed algorithm can be used to figure out the combinational problem of selecting routings and distribution of traffics which provides the best trade-off in between the lifetime and strength. In this case, the efficiency is attained by cutting search space from k number of shortened paths, edge and adorned dissociate paths. This is incontestable on the real and artificial networks. By using two paths for each node, we find routings within 3.15% lifetime of those founded with unlimited paths for each node and also located the routings which divided the network vulnerability. This algorithm can achieve the vital advancement in execution over a braided scheme of multi-path.