Design and Simulation of a Luo Converter Fed Dc Drive Using Ziegler Nicholas Control Startegy

  • A.Charles, A.Nagarajan, K.R.Dhayanithi, P.Kamalkumar


The objective of the paper is to control the dc motor with a better converter topology that helps in improving torque-speed characteristics. This article studies on dc motor control using LUO converter using Ziegler Nicholas control technique. DC motor drive fed by conventional DC-DC choppers contains high voltage ripple which cause torque ripple in the shaft. The professed model over comes DC motor fed by break over. To overcome this problem the advanced developed DC-DC LUO converter technology was introduced. LUO converter is developed converter derived from the buck-boost converter. In this proposed model the additional filter elements in the LUO converter eliminated the output ripples and effectively enhance the output voltage level. A computer simulation using MATLAB / SIMULINK confirms the predicted results.