A Node Ranking based Cooperative Route Discovery Routing Protocol for Achieving QoS

  • Srinivasa H P, Dr. Kamalesh V N


In the wireless industry Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) has emerged as a promising area due to its cost-effective deployment. The MANET’s are infrastructure-less networks built with features like self-organizing and healing among the nodes. The number of routing issues arise in such networks mainly due to complex mobility and limited energy. The energy-efficient routing in this type of network is a complex task in MANET’s. The links may fail frequently between nodes due to limited battery power as well as dynamic topology. Further, the network performance may be affected for data transmission and the non-availability of active nodes. The existing protocols have not considered the analysis of links and energy of the nodes. In this paper, Cooperative Route Discovery Routing Protocol (CRDRP) is proposed for improving the quality of routing protocols and a few performance parameters of the network. The algorithms will discover a reliable route path based on ranking and energy rating. The data is being routed through the newly discovered reliable cooperative path between source and destination. The results from extensive simulation show that, if the number of nodes is increasing linearly, the CRDRP algorithm proves that there is an increase in the average energy of network, efficiency of a network and it increases the throughput over the existing protocols.