Design and Evaluation of a Novel Communication Protocol to Improve Energy Efficiency in Cloud Environment

  • Ashish Kumar Pandey, Dr. Shish Ahmad


Efficient power and performance management in significant data centers has enormous scope in modern years. It is extensively expanded the amount of server usability in significant data centers. This additionally brings about a tremendous increment in the electric power consumption and forcing to utilize the power consumption in huge data centers. With the extending reputation of cloud services both energy efficiency and performance guarantees are critical concerns for data centers. So performance evaluation and energy efficiency of data centers becomes essential.  In this research work, we have designed a novel communication protocol for the reduction of power consumption on data center in cloud environment based on stochastic approach and Markov chain and evaluated by proposed energy efficient model using Queue server agreement algorithm. To achieve this objective we have used Bcube interconnection structure for a single performance optimized data center on an edge layer. This model is responsible to formulate an efficient energy for reduction of consumption and improvise the performance of data center. Apart from the power consumption metric we have also computed carbon usage effectiveness.