A Cardinal Approach for Crack Detection in a Bridge using Automatic PixelLevel Technique

  • M.Bhanumathi


Automatic crack detection technique was developed for encountering potholes on roads for
swift and dependable analysis of the defect in the surface. Automatic Pixel level Technique is used to
identify cracks on Pavements and other road surfaces. With an extensive evolution in the field of
Computer Science, the digital image processing admits the aspects of an able permeability, broad use
of a planwith exhaustive benefits. It advocates the advancement in the digital image processing
technology that discovers ideology behind concept of structural engineering. Bridge crack is the most
familiar threat for the people and it needs tobe fixed for the welfare of the people. In order to save many
lives avoid the hazardous catastrophic effects due to the damage, a cardinal approach is coined where
the image of the bridge is captured via drone on various occasions. These images are compared to find
the variations from the previous image, automatic pixel level technique is used to find any variations
from the edge detection and segmentation process, changes are updated in the database. This is an
essential process which could save so many lives.This could be implemented using MATLAB.