PMU Placements Considering Outages Using Elite Antlion Algorithm In The Distribution System Topology

  • Kaliyan Naveenkumar et al.


In recent days, the expansion of the distribution network followed by network complexity and contingencies are noted
as major issues in electric power utilities. The effective monitoring in distribution networks with Phasor Measuring
Unit (PMU) involves accurate placement in the way of making grid smart. Here, a methodology using Antlion
Optimization (ALO) through Elite methodology has been incorporated in ALO (EALO) and is proposed for solving the
minimum number of PMU placements to ensure the system’s full observability with maximized redundancy problem.
This paper also proposes the placement problem of PMUs in the distribution system considering the line outages and
system reconfiguration for all operating conditions. To evaluate the effectiveness of the projected method standard
IEEE 15, 33 systems and PG&E 69 systems have been used for demonstrating the applicability of the proposed
optimization tool. The Numerical result indicates the exact state of distribution topology in a way for improving the
performance of the smart grid.