Development Of Pico-Hydro Turbine For Domestic Use

  • Keshav Kamble et al.


Asmany research and study were conducted worldwide in order to explore the different
alternatives and renewable energy resources, this work come out with the descriptions of the initial
testing conducted on the prototype of pico-hydro generation system for the purpose of investigating
its performance. The kinetic energy hold by water flow in the domestic pipes was obtained to have
potential in generating electricity power for energy storage purposes while conducting routine
activities such as laundry, cook and bathe. The water pressure and water flow inside the pipe from
utility’s main tank that used for those usual activities are used to rotate small scale hydro turbine to
drive a generator for electrical power generation. Results from the test significantly show the
convinced reading in recorded voltage as it is a count to propose the system is feasible for
electrification of energy storage purpose and indicate the prospect for further improvement and
future research.