A Review Paper On Power Generation With Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

  • Alfiya Siddiqui et al.


Renewable energy sources are seen as next generation source of energy for meeting rising energy
demands. This paper focuses on use of air to generate electricity with the help of vertical axis wind
turbine using IOT. Vertical axis turbine is capable of extracting power from wind regardless of the
direction of flow and capable to extracted energy in day and night time. The power generation with
vertical axis wind turbine using IOT will be beneficial in future aspects, The VAWT (Vertical Axis
Wind Turbine) are more profitable in nature, it has much better self-starting characters and better
conversion efficiency at lower flow speed. The IOT (Internet Of Things) is used to provide the alert if
any type of fault occur in generation and IOT is also take action regarding to that fault. This paper
deals with uninterrupted power generation by using VAWT and IOT.