E- Vehicles with Brushless DC Motor

  • Dhiraj Yadav et al.


The e – Vehicle are the future of the automobile industry. The e - Vehicle are immediate power that is
delivered seamlessly, silently and efficiently. In this paper we practically implemented the speed
control of e – Vehicle by using combination of four switch three phase inverter connected to the
ATMEGA328P microcontroller. When accelerating, energy optimization during the drive, the electric
motor engine work in allocate to optimize power for maximum efficiency. The e – Vehicles speed
control method in this method using BLDC motor to controlled the speed by using FSTPI and motor
have controller which control and connected to microcontroller for speed control and also there is
constant torque operation and smoothly controlling speed. In this paper practical reading, result and
the output waveform as given in this paper. This methodology can help to saving of time and allow to
operate switching action in Nano seconds and easy gear changing system which reduces the weight of
the e – vehicles and allow to complete atomized system.