Wireless Charging Station

  • Rohan M.Ingle et al.


System for charging electrical vehicles such as cars. Wireless charging is based on inductive charging,
whereby power is created by passing an electric current thrugh two coils to create an electromagneric
field. When the receiving magnetic plate on the car comes into contact with the transmitter or at least
within the specified range, the magnetic field generates an electrical current within the device.
The battery of 12 volt is used for supply and the output of this battery is given to the regulator IC which
convert this 12 volts dc into5 volts dc and the output of this regulator IC is given to the two IC's called IC
555 or timer IC and op-amp LM 358 the output of the IC 555 is given to the input of LM 358 and the
output of LM 358 operational amplifier is given to IGBT the output of this IGBT is given to the
transmitter coil and this transmitter coil produce magnetic induction which is received by receiver coin
and the input is given to the bridge rectifier which convert it into pure DC and input of this bridge
rectifier is given to the filter capacitor and output of this capacitor is given to the vehicles battery
regulator IC is also connected which convert this voltage into 5 volts dc and this 5 volts dc is given to you
pic microcontroller which is connected to LCD