Optimization of Diesel consumption in an EMS using MPC: A Smart Grid perspective

  • Surya Bhushan Dubey et al.


It has always been a daunting task to feed the remotest areas away from the Main power grid especially
in the rural context. Presently the usual practice prevalent is to provide energy to such places using diesel
generators. With the rapid progression in renewable energy source (RES) technologies, it seems more
feasible and cost effective to switch over from diesel engine to the former to supply local powers other than
the grid power. Efficient and judicious usage of Smart Grid concept when combined with renewable
energy, can also serve an efficient and cost effective method of providing energy at far off places. This
paper considers the connected difficulties in the usage of RESs like their sporadic nature and also the
reduction of Inertia of the system due to the power electronic components. The need of the hour thus is to
develop an Integrated controller unit to tackle these issues. This Integrated controller will be assigned with
the twin jobs of maintaining the system stability to ensure clean quality energy to the customers and making
an optimized usage of the resources while delivering energy, these being the twin attributes of the Smart
Grid concept. This paper focuses on the design of the Integrated controller which may achieve the combined
targets of stability and optimality. The energy management system (EMS) making use of Wind/PV/Energy
Storage System/DG will be considered in the paper.