Orchestration of Multi-Component Application using TOSKER

  • Brijesh Pandey et al.


TOSCA offers the model-driven approach and Docker offers the snapshot-based approach for
orchestration but they have come together to give a new platform TosKer which is a combination of
both. In this paper, realizing the working of TOSCA, and understanding the Docker-based
orchestration, we shall estimate the importance of having TosKer as a new orchestration engine. Our
feature-based model has yielded two key concepts of commonality and variability. Exploiting this
feature of it we shall distinguish our service components into generic and specific based on their host
requirement specification. In this paper, we shall be modeling the pattern of employing simple
Docker-based orchestration or utilizing the Toskeriser tool of TosKer for performing the
orchestration. To model the pattern we shall deploy our service of the online hotel reservation system.
Our basis for analysis would be the editing required for orchestration in three key performance
indicators namely lines of code, files and programming language employed.