Data Integrity Auditing for Shared Data in Cloud Server

  • Shaik Heena, Saggam Prasanna


A cloud platform furnishes clients with shared data storage administrations. To guarantee shared data integrity, it is important to approve the data viably. A review scheme that empowers bunch members to adjust data leads the integrity verification of the shared data, however this methodology brings about complex estimations for the gathering members. The review scheme of the assigned operator executes a lightweight count for the gathering members, however it overlooks the security hazards between the gathering members and the specialists. By introducing Hashgraph innovation and designing a Third Party Medium (TPM) the executives system, a lightweight secure auditing scheme for shared data in cloud storage (LSSA) is proposed, which accomplishes security the board of the gatherings and a lightweight estimation for the gathering members. In the mean time, a virtual TPM pool is built by combining the TCP sliding window innovation and interconnected capacities to improve specialist security. We assess our scheme in numerical examination and in tests, the consequences of which show that our scheme accomplishes lightweight computing for the gathering members and guarantees the data verification process for security.